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The Original Appliance Repair Tech Community

Make your job easier with:

  1. Unlimited schematics, wiring & parts diagrams, tech sheets, and service manuals

  2. On-the-job support from other expert techs

  3. 100+ hours of continuing education workshops

Appliance repair takes courage. You’re on an island every day fixing appliances in customers’ homes while they breathe down your neck. is here to make your job a whole lot easier by giving you all the resources and backup you could ever ask for. Read on to take a tour of our community.

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1. Unlimited Schematics, Wiring & Parts Diagrams, Tech Sheets, and Service Manuals

We manage a HUGE and ever-growing library of schematics, wiring diagrams, parts diagrams, tech sheets, and service manuals so you won’t ever have to waste hours tracking down the documents you need. Our members can download an unlimited number of these tech resources—anytime and anywhere—meaning you’ll never walk into a customer’s home empty-handed again. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for before a service call, request it and we’ll get it added pronto.

2. On-the-Job Support from Other Expert Techs

The heart of is our forums, where expert technicians and owners get together to discuss the trade and help each other out.

  • Having trouble fixing an appliance? Post the problem and other techs will chime in with solutions.

  • Having trouble “fixing” a customer? You bet our members have customer service tips to share.

  • Want to start or grow an appliance repair business? Connect with other owner operators for advice.

  • Eager to show off your own skills and be a hero? Help other techs with their questions and issues.

  • And, of course, if you just want to shoot the s*** with your peers, there are threads for that too.


We have thousands of members, and because they’re professional appliance repair techs like yourself, you can trust that everyone knows their stuff.


3. 100+ Hours of Continuing Education Content was founded by the same brains behind Master Samurai Tech, the leading online appliance repair school, and while there’s no substitute for MST training, members have access to 100+ hours of workshops hosted by the Master Samurai himself (with more added every month). Learn how to solve some of the tougher appliance repair problems, refresh your memory on troubleshooting concepts, and gain secret skills to make your job easier.


In order to maintain the quality of this community—keeping it private and ad-free, moderating discussions, and constantly adding content—we charge a membership fee of $297 per year.


That’s only $0.80 per day. If you can’t earn that back (and then some) with the help you’ll get in our community, maybe you’re not cut out for a job in appliance repair.

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